a property in probate

Probate property is property that belongs to the estate of a recently deceased person. These properties are often made available for purchase by the public at sharply discounted prices, though buyers may have to wait several years for the sale on their property to close. If you are thinking about investing in El Paso probate property, here is what you need to know.

finding probate property

There are several ways you can find available probate property. You can speak to the clerk at your local probate court to get a list of available properties. There may also be local real estate agents who specialize in probate property and can help you find an available property that suits your needs. Other sources include legal notices in local newspapers and online listings.

Presenting your offer

There are certain rules and regulations associated with bidding on a probate property. Buyers can place a bid on the property at any time, but they should be prepared to make a deposit, usually ten percent of the property's value. Even if your offer is accepted, it will not be finalized until the probate process is complete. Most probate properties are sold "as is", so buyer beware.

Sold to the highest bidder

Once the probate process has been finalized and it is time to pass the property to its new owner, the final bidding process will take place in probate court. If there are multiple bidders, the final price may be determined by an auction-style bidding process and sold to the highest bidder. Any Probate Attorney can be hired to ensure that the legality of the sale is legitimate.

Final Inspection and property transfer

Probate property can be a sound investment as long as you are willing to be patient and wait for the sale to finalize. But make sure you exercise due diligence with legal matters and inspect the property to make sure it is in sound condition and will not be condemned by local building inspectors.

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